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Welcome to Mrs. Benefield’s 4th Grade Reading Class!

I sure do miss everyone while we are having to stay home! I am thinking about each of you every single day! 

Continue reading for resources you can access at home!

Please continue to read every single day! No matter what it is! Please try to read at least 20-30 minutes every day!! 

Parents: You can also have them retell what they read or ask them questions about it. This will help with comprehension skills!

LDOE LEAP 2025 Practice Tests:  Practice tests allow students to become familiar with the testing format and respond to some of the types of questions they may find on the LEAP 2025 tests. We did not get to go over the LEAP practice tests at school this year. If you would like to explore these tests with your child on your own, please go to our Parent Resources page located on the Jack Hayes main web page to find the state-provided Parent Guide to the LEAP 2025 Practice Tests. 


UPDATE April 22, 2020

Since we did not get to finish our book “The Lightning Thief” in the classroom some students wanted to finish reading it. I will be posting videos of me reading it in the Google Classroom under Reading. The first one has been posted which is chapter 5 where we left off. Please let your child know if they are interested in keeping up with it!


UPDATE April 20, 2020

Hey everyone! πŸ˜ƒ Here are some updates for Mrs. Benefield’s reading class πŸ“š


Please take the time to read!

I just wanted to let you know that students will have the opportunity to earn 100 bonus points to be added to their final grade for the year in Reading. These points will come from weekly assignments on iReady reading that will begin on Monday, April 20 and continue β€ͺuntil Friday, May 15.‬  The assignment will be evaluated by completeness of work and quality of work. More information on how bonus points will be assigned will be coming soon in which I will update you with as soon as I get the information! Right now they can be working to pass reading lessons on iReady.

Please let me know if you need their login information.


Also, my distance learning office hours are Monday - Friday from 10 am - 12 pm in which I will be totally available during those times, but please feel free to contact me when you can and as always I will do my best to get back with you as soon as possible!


As always, I am thinking about each and every one of our students and missing them so much! This is not how any of us wanted the school year to end!


Please remember to continue reading something every single day for at least 20-30 minutes! “Readers make us leaders!” πŸ†


Please let me know if you have any questions!


πŸ’œ~ Mrs. Benefield



If you would like your child to use for reading skills practice they will just go to student log in and type in the code for whose homeroom they are in. The codes for each homeroom are listed below. Right now there are 7 assignments assigned to them. Remember, this is just for practice and not a grade! I will continue to update more assignments for them to review and practice.

Benefield Class Code: L4BTP2

Darmstaedter Class Code: X6D4JT

Hunter Class Code: SSP6WC

Mathews Class Code: YYBV7A

Another fun reading site is They love listening to these stories!


i-Ready is an awesome resource that we do at school that your child can do at home on a computer or tablet.

Each child has a log in and it is designed to give them lessons based on what they have already learned. It is a program that is on track with their progress up to this point. It is a great online tool for them to do while out of school!

To access i-Ready on a computer you will go to the website:


On a tablet or iPad you will download the
“i-Ready for students” app

Unfortunately i-Ready can’t be accessed from a cellphone.

The username is
the first letter of their first name + the first letter of last name + their student number (or most of them know it as their AR number - it is a 7 digit number)

The password is just their AR number again

State is LA

For example:
A student named John Smith with student number 1234567 would log in as shown below:

Username: JS1234567

Password: 1234567

State: Louisiana

I do have each student’s username if they do not remember it! I totally understand if they do not.

Please contact me and I can give you their username!

My email is or you can message me on Class Dojo!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!!


Chelsy Benefield

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