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Welcome to Ms. Orozco’s 5th Grade Math Page

I will be available Monday-Friday from 9 am – 11am to answer emails and Zoom with students that need help.  

Online Math Bonus Points Opportunity

For the next 4 weeks, students have the opportunity to earn up to 100 bonus points to improve their final grade in math this school year. The assignment is to complete 2 iReady math lessons and quizzes each week for four weeks beginning on April 20 and ending on May 15. You may do My Path lessons or you may choose to do some of the Teacher Assigned lessons.  It is your choice of which lessons you want to do.  You may do more than 2 lessons/quizzes if you would like.  You will be graded on completeness- doing at least 2 lessons every week for a maximum of 50 points and quality – the final average of all of the quizzes completed at the end of the 4 weeks for a maximum of 50 points.  This same information is on our Math Google Classroom page.  

The iReady link can be found under Parent Resources on the Jack Hayes main page and at the bottom of this page under Educational Websites.

Email me if you do not remember you log in information:

Assignment for Week 3

 Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8:

Complete 2 iReady math lessons & quizzes.

LDOE LEAP 2025 Practice Tests:  Practice tests allow students to become familiar with the testing format and respond to some of the types of questions they may find on the LEAP 2025 tests. We did not get to go over the LEAP practice tests at school this year. If you would like to explore these tests with your child on your own, please go to our Parent Resources page located on the Jack Hayes main web page to find the state-provided Parent Guide to the LEAP 2025 Practice Tests. 


Please go to our Google Classroom Page for information on other online learning opportunites.

Remember that you have to sign into your Google Account first---

Your email/phone number is your AR number followed by           


Your password is the first letter of your first name, first 3 letters of your last name then @ and the last 4 digits of your social security number. 

             Example: Amy Smith –  asmi@4396   

To see your Google Classroom app icon once you are logged in, click on the apps launcher 3 x 3 array or “waffle”on the right at the top.  

If you can’t remember your email/phone number or password, ask your parent to email me at and I will send the informaiton that you need. 


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