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Educational Websites

Image that corresponds to I-Ready

Students must complete and pass 2 lessons a week per subject; 2 lessons for Math and 2 lessons for Reading. The students are able to recieve a total of 50 bonus points for Math and Reading by May 15th If you need your child's login information, please message me through emsail or Class Dojo. 

Social Studies Weekly
Image that corresponds to Social Studies Weekly

Students are able to login to Studies Weekly and view different reading materials and videos pertaining to Social Studies. Once logged in, you can select 1st grade; this will send you to the 1st grade resources for your student. Your child can look at any week they would like to read. There are more resources such as videos the students can watch and worksheets that you can print for them to complete for review of the lesson.

  password: 1234

Amplify Science
Image that corresponds to Amplify Science

This website has videos of science lessons your child can watch. Once you go to the website, scroll down and click on 1st grade. Click the lesson library to be sent to youtube to view all videos provided. Your child can watch the videos at their own pace.

Image that corresponds to LPB


Brainpop Junior
Image that corresponds to Brainpop Junior

Educational and informative videos for students.

Common Core Sheets

Here there are multiple topics and worksheets that you can print for free. Make sure you pay attention to the grade level of the worksheets. There are multiple versions of each worksheet for practice. 

Study Jams
Image that corresponds to Study Jams

Great videos for many topics in Math and Science. The students can even take a quiz after the video.

Cool Math
Image that corresponds to Cool Math

This website has many interactive math games for the students to play. They are learning while having fun!


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