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First Grade Teacher

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1:30-2:10 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

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About Me

Educational History:

I attended Pierce County High School in Blackshear, Georgia. I graduated in May of 2010. I then attended The University of Georgia and graduated in May of 2014. I was trained to be a teacher at Teach For America’s Delta Summer Institute in July of 2014. 

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Affairs from  The University of Georgia. I graduated from the New Orleans based New Teacher Project in May of 2015, ranked one of the top performing certification programs in the state by the Louisiana Board of Regents. I am certified to teach 1st-5th grade. 

Professional Development:

I have participated in rigorous training to become an instructional coach. During my three year tenure as an instructional coach, I have worked with new teachers to improve thier teaching and classroom learning enviornment. I have attended professional development regarding students with Autism & Sensory Processing Disorders, teaching diverse learners, Google Classroom, Whole Brain Teaching, Writer’s Workshop, Spalding Phonics, Thinking Maps, Teach Like A Champion, Ready Math, and many others. I served as the Elementary Content Coordinator for Teach For America’s Louisiana Delta Region.

Current Position:

First grade is my passion! I have been teaching first grade for five years, three at Jack Hayes Elementary. I teach all subjects to my first graders. 

Previous Position:

Prior to working at Jack Hayes, I began teaching in 2014. I completed my two year contract with Teach For America in 2016 and graduated the program. I became passionate about working with children while serving as a summer camp counselor at Camp Champions in Marble Falls, Texas. I served as a summer camp counselor for four years. 

Family Information:

Archie & Dee

I was married in August of 2018. My husband and I have two dogs, a Black Lab named Dee and a West Highland Terrier named Archie. 

Personal Information:

I love to craft and draw. Decorating and making things for my classroom is one of my favorite things to do. I also travel to Georgia anytime I can to visit my family.


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1:30-2:10 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)